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Officer Roles & Descriptions

The St. Francis Xavier School Home & School Association Officers keep this organization running smoothly, are the think-tank of fundraising, fun events, and community service. Learn more about what each role encompasses below.


  • preside at all meetings of the Association, the Home and School Board, and the Executive Committee, 

  • call executive meetings, and

  • perform such duties as are incumbent on this office such as but not limited to: meet with faculty representatives, coordinate with the development committee, and coordinate with principal. 

  • oversee all fundraising activities including receiving, and maintaining committee reports.

  • have the authority to approve any requests for expenditures that meet with their approval up to and including the sum of $500.

Vice President/Co-Vice Pres.

  • in the absence of the President or Co-Presidents, shall preside at all meetings and perform all duties of the President or Co-Presidents.

  • call meetings to order and preside.

Finance Officer

  • summarize and present an annual budget to the Home and School Association, see also Article VIII,

  • annually, present the H&S Cash Policy to the Association for confirmation, reflecting adjustments as necessary,

  • receive funds of the Association and deposit these funds in accounts belonging to the Association,

  • deposits will be noted in the shared spreadsheet with the SFX Director of Finance for appropriate updates to bookkeeping software,  

  • review monthly reporting from the School bookkeeping software, provided by the SFX Director of Finance, to ensure an accurate account of all funds,

  • authorize SFX Director of Finance to pay bills incurred through a shared spreadsheet, as approved by the President or Co-Presidents, or the Association,

  • provide a monthly accounting of all funds to the Association during the course of each school year, and,

  • provide an annual summary of events and financial health to the Association at the end of each school year.


  • will keep and disseminate the minutes of all Association meetings, and Home and School Board Meetings.

  • call meetings to order and preside.


  • create, maintain, and distribute a weekly newsletter via email list, and website. The Communications Officer will also  maintain an email list of current SFX families throughout the year. Additionally, Home & School Association communications shall be distributed by the Communications Officer as needed for special events, reminders, and volunteer requests.

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