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Home Room Parents

Resources for Home Room Parents

About Being a Home Room Parent

Home Room Parent Liaisons: Becca Brynga & Megan Ohler

The goal is to have a total of 2-3 homeroom parents for each class. This helps out tremendously when work calls, a child is ill, or something unexpected happens. It makes it much easier to lean on each other when more parents are involved. You will have the support you need throughout the school year by your partners, other classroom parents, and Megan and Becca. Please email us at any time if you have questions, concerns, or would like more info on your Home Room Parent partners. 


Please take the time to introduce yourself as a Homeroom Parent to your child’s teacher. You will be the main contact for your child’s teacher when they need classroom help on various occasions. A quick email is a great way to reach out this year, and check in!


You can reference RenWeb to look up your classroom(s) email(s) as needed. We will be emailing lists to each class separately. Please be sure to touch base with the other parents in your classroom to introduce yourself, welcome new parents, double check email addresses, and contacts are accurate. Note: some students may have multiple parents to contact (divorced parents, step-parents, etc.).


Some of the more common home room parent duties are:

  • Call/email to remind parents to bake for class parties, class fundraising and other events.

  • Organize and assist with holiday parties/planning (does not apply to middle school)

  • Contact Parents (when needed, as a backup to the automated system), if school will be cancelled due to an unforeseen emergency.

  • Call to remind parents of upcoming classroom events and commitments

  • Work with Helping Hands/Warming Hearts for any classroom family needs.

  • Contact parents to see if they are willing to do a group gift for the teacher Christmas, Birthday, Teacher Appreciation, etc. and the end of the school year.

  • Reach out to applicable teachers as events may arise where parent help is needed with organizing signups or other needs.


We encourage you to speak with your teacher about their particular classroom needs. This is likely to be different from year to year so please be sure to ask them what their immediate above and beyond needs are so that you can coordinate with the other parents in your classroom(s).


A lot of their requests for items for the classroom is a great way to give back at Christmas or at the beginning and end of the year. Parents are always asking how they can best help their child’s teacher, and the school. Teacher Wish List you use: 


We also encourage you to use Google Forms or other means of digital communication. Sign Up Genius is another fantastic way to get people to sign up virtually!

Our home room parents have another responsibility in addition to aiding your child’s teacher… it’s a good one! We are asking that you keep an ear, and eye out for students, and their families that may be in need of the Helping Hands/Warm Hearts program. The program is here to help with meals after a new baby, illness, or death in the family, just to name a couple of examples. The program has reached out to many families in the past years for various reasons, both in happy times, and in times of sadness. Please contact the SFX Home & School Officers (email here) if you feel you may have a family that might benefit from HH/WH. They will then reach out to that family to find out what their needs are, and how we can best help them. At a family’s request, all assistance is kept private.


Thank you again for taking on the responsibility of your child’s class! Your support of St. Francis Xavier School and its community is what makes us such a special place!



Megan Ohler & Rebecca Brynga


Homeroom Parent Liaisons

Thank you Home Room Parents!

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