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Scholastic Book Fair - March 4 - 8, 2024

NOTE: We need volunteers! Sign up to help with the super fun event! 

The Scholastic Book Fair is upon us and we are so excited to be able to provide an in-person option for our students to enjoy choosing books! 

  • WHERE: The book fair will be held in the lobby 

  • WHEN: March 4th - 8th 

  • Times:

    • M, W, F: 1pm - 4:30pm

    • Tuesday: 1pm - 5:30pm

    • Thursday: 1pm - 5:30pm


  • PAYMENT: Our preferred method is Scholastic’s eWallet feature for the easiest payment of all book purchases (eWallet funds will not be returned if unused). All purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar for the ALL FOR BOOKS program. Well will NOT have coins for change. Also, there is TAX on all book purchases so please plan accordingly. See the eWallet video below!

  • CHOOSING BOOKS: When students visit the fair and choose a book, they will be able to pick books, pay with eWallets or cash, and take those books home. Please note: volunteers cannot control the books your child chooses. Please talk with your child about what they can choose. We will not be reaching out to you for permission.

  • DELIVERY: Books will be sent home with students the day they purchase their selection(s).


Parents: Parents may purchase books at any time during the fair’s open hours as noted above.

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