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SFX Craft Fair Booth Registration

The Home & School Association at St. Francis Xavier School is proud to announce the Holiday Craft Fair is scheduled for Saturday, November 18th 9am-3pm. 

Booth Registration will open on August 21st @ 9am.
Booth Registration closes on November 3rd, 2023!

Please note: If you have to cancel your booth space, you will not be refunded your registration fee.

Registration Information

As we will be using a different registration platform this year than in past years, more information will be emailed in August which will contain information about the registration process and the link to sign up for/pay for a table.

A few things to keep in mind:   

  • We anticipate utilizing the gym, first floor hallway, and second floor cafeteria. Table status will be dependent upon the particular room/area.  Individuals must provide tables in some spaces and in other areas tables are included. Chairs will be provided in all locations. 

  • Sign-ups in the Gym must provide their own tables. We will provide two chairs at each location.  For sign-ups in the Cafeteria, we will provide table and 2 chairs. Sign-ups on the First Floor have a combination of spots where tables are provided or one may bring their own. Two chairs will be provided in both types of locations.  

  • Non-handmade craft vendors are invited to sign up at specific locations throughout all areas specifically marked for non-handmade craft vendors. Non-handmade craft vendors may only sign up for these spots. 

  • We ask that all crafters and vendors remember that items being sold should respect the values of the Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington.  Additionally, items should not be political in nature.

  • When signing up, please keep in mind that the school does not contain an elevator. There is one set of stairs leading to the Cafeteria on the 2nd floor. 

  • We will have a small window available for set up on Friday evening from 6:15pm-7:15pm with a hard stop at 7:15pm for those who sign up for this time. Additionally, the school will be open for set up from 7am-9am on Saturday morning. Volunteers will only be available on Saturday morning to help bring items from cars to tables. Please email if you plan to set up between 6:15pm-7:15pm on Friday evening, November 17th.

Pricing & Tables
  • Gym - 10ft wide x 7ft deep space: $57 (very limited space available) We will provide you with two chairs but you must provide your own tables and displays in the gym

  • 1st Floor Hallway (past the gym) - 6 foot wide locations: $42 “bring your own table” (2 chairs provided) OR $47 “table provided” (2 chairs provided). All spaces in the hallways will have the chairs next to the table, not behind, to allow more space in the hallway for customers.

  • Cafeteria (2nd floor - no elevator access) - 6 foot wide locations: $42 “bring your own table” (2 chairs provided) OR $47 “table provided” (2 chairs provided).

  • Outside Front of SFX on Sidewalk - 6 foot wide locations: If you are or know of a business interested in being located outside, please email us at The space is subject to the elements – but if someone has a kettle corn, wreath, Christmas tree, etc. business, this is the perfect location!

We hope that you are once again able to join us on November 18th.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email Megan Ohler and Heather Lynch at

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