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Sponsor a page!

Due May. 1st!

Choose a page, select how many sponsorship slots you wish to purchase, enter your sponsorship name (ie. The Brynga Family) and purchase! 

Did you know you can purchase more than one page to sponsor? Just add them to your cart and check out one time!

Purchase a Sponsorship or Learn More!

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More About Sponsors

Tell me about Yearbook page Sponsorships...

Each yearbook, we offer to parents the opportunity to sign up to support a page (or pages). This year, signup and pay for your sponsorship in one easy place - our website!

  • If you'd like to sponsor the entire page, select all 4 slots which equal the total $100 fee. If you'd like to co-sponsor a partial page, please select the number of slots you are able to sponsor for that page. There are up to four available sponsorship slots for each page.


  • When you sign up for a sponsorship, please indicate in the required field how you'd like your name to read, ie. "Sponsored by the Brynga family." If the page is co-sponsored we will list all of the family names like this: "Sponsored by the Brynga, Ohler, English, Greer families." NOTE: We cannot put an image, business card, or other details as a sponsorship.


  • All payments will be due at the time of signing up to sponsor the page/portion of a page. Payments will be collected online when you check out.


  • All sponsorship must be made online via our website. We cannot manually sign up page sponsorship and process payments. Thank you for understanding.

NOTE: In the past, we’ve held pages for previous sponsors. To provide a more equitable experience and allow all families to have the chance to sponsor a page (or two or three…) we are no longer reserving pages from year to year.


If you have any questions, please email the Home & School Officers.

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