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Let Santa Send a Note!

SFX Home & School is offering a Santa Gram! We'll grab some info from you below, put together a letter and mail it from Santa to your kid(s)! We want to spread some holiday cheer and give our students a smile. So, we're going to be Santa's ghostwriter!

Want to be a ghostwriter too?! Let us know by sending us an email! We'll let you know how it all works.

If you have more than one child, please fill this form out multiple times.

Let us know if you have any questions and we hope this brings some light into your child's life!

Santa's Love

We Love Santa!

We know how much our kiddos love Santa and the joy and wonder that he brings to their lives. Let's bring Santa to life with a personalized letter to surprise and carry on the magic!

Christmas Gift

Not All About the Gifts!

Santa Grams are not just about the gifts! Santa writes a letter to each child based on the information included from parents. He will talk about your Elf on the Shelf, behavior (good or not so good), interests, etc.!

santa mail.jpeg

Mail's Here!

Each Santa Gram is sent to the address you provide when filling out the form! Kids love to get mail and these personalized, fun, and bright Santa Grams do the trick!

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